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Income Tax Return

A direct tax is a tax you pay on your income directly to the government. Indirect tax is a tax that restaurants, theatres and e-commerce websites charge you on for goods or a service. This tax is, in turn, passed down to the government. Indirect taxes take many forms: service tax on restaurant bills and movie tickets, value added tax or VAT on goods such as clothes and electronics.

GST Registration

GST is the biggest tax reform in India, tremendously improving ease of doing business and increasing the taxpayer base in India by bringing in millions of small businesses in India. By abolishing and subsuming multiple taxes into a single system, tax complexities would be reduced while tax base is increased substantially.


TDS tax deducted at source: here the tax is deducted by the payer (person how makes the payment or customer) and balance is payed to payee (person how is provider of services or goods) and tax is deposited with government by the payer.

IMPORTANT: March 31st, 2018 is the last date to file your Income-tax return for FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17) & FY 2016-17 (AY 2017-18).

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What is Tax….? It is a monetary, pecuniary or compulsory burden that is levied or put on each and every individual by the government. The payment of tax is inevitable that’s why a funny thing that is said about the tax is that “death comes once, but the payment of tax comes every year”. When the topic of tax comes, being a common man there are two questions that arise in our mind the first one is why the government needs to collect tax and the second one is what does the government do with the amount of tax collected? Well the answer for the first question is that the amount of tax collected is very huge and is the main source of income for the government. The gross tax receipts for the year 2008-09 is Rs.6, 87,715 Cr whereas according to the budget the estimated amount of tax to be collected in 2009-10 is Rs.6, 41,079 Cr. The answer for the second question is that the government invests the tax collected for providing the amenities and for the development of the society.


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